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Daisy-Between Earth  And  Sky
Daisy-Between Earth  And  Sky
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It's Your Planet—Love It!
Introducing the Summer 2009 Journeys

Between Earth and Sky

* Girl Scout Daisies join their flower friends for a cross-country road trip in their special flower-powered car!
* As they travel the country living the values of the Girl Scout Law, the flowers explore the natural world around them, learning what's local and why that's important.
* Along the way, the flower friends (and the girls!) sample the sights, and the wisdom of women working to protect Planet Earth.
* Daisies earn their Blue Bucket, Firefly, and Clover (uses resources wisely!) awards as they experience what's great about their own region and learn to use their own special skills to help people and Planet Earth.

Journey Awards
This journey presents Daisies the opportunity to earn three awards. Girls consider their feelings and skills and then take into account the feelings and skills of those around them. The girls then move on to engage their larger community and then they move out into their community to "do."

Although there's no set way to present it, you might spark the excitement of this award series by presenting the Between Earth and Sky background patch to all the Daisies at their first session. Or choose a way that works for the group.

The Blue Bucket Award

* Daisy Journey 2 Award Patch SetGirls tell one another about their feelings and the feelings of those around them.
* Girls take part in role-playing activities that encourage them to resolve conflicts, negotiate, and be considerate to others.

The Firefly Award

* Think about and talk about their own skills and those of their sister Daisies.
* Choose a skill that they can teach others, either at home or in their community.
* Steps to the award are built into the suggested activities in the Sample Sessions.

The Clover Award

* Learn about and commit to protecting a natural treasure in their region.
* Educate and inspire others in their community to join with them to protect the local treasure, too.

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