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E-Gift Certificates - Great gift ideas

E-Gift Certificates - Great gift ideas

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We do Embroidery!

We do Embroidery!

We do Sewing/Hemming!

We do Sewing/Hemming!

We respect your privacy at all times. We do not sell or rent your
personal information to anyone.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

General Questions

1.   How can I track my order?

       Go to our website and look at the top right hand corner where is says "Track your order."  Have your order number available, and type it into the space provided.  This will let you know the status of your order, and the status of your payment

2.   My order is in backorder status, how long do I receive the merchandises?

       Our average delivery for the merchandises on back order will be 2-3 weeks or sooner.  It may take longer time if the manufacture out of stock.  The internet makes it very easy for us to order through the manufacture.  When we do not currently have the merchandise in our store, we order immediately from the manufacturer to reduce the waiting periods for our customers.

3 .   How long is the order filed under "backorder"?

         For a maximum of 30 days from the date you initially placed the order.  If the merchandises still not in  within 30 days and customer still want the merchandises, we will keep the order until we are able to ship the merchandises

4.    Why has my credit card been charged if the merchandises hasn't been shipped yet? 

         It isn't possible for us to keep every style and color of all merchandises in our store, so we special order the merchandis for our customers.  By charging your credit card upon receiving your order, we make certain your interest in the merchandise  or stock merchandise that we would otherwise not carry.

5 .   How long is your store in business?

         Since 1994 at this same location.

6.    Do you have an actual store for customer to ship? 


7.    Is it possible to order merchandise online, and come into the store to pick up?  Are there any shipping charges regarding the process?

        Yes, you are able to order directly online and come into the store to pick up the merchandise.  There are no shipping charges whatsoever for in store pick ups, and we will notify you when your order is ready.  

8.  Do you accept Cashier's Checks , Money Orders, or company check?

      Yes.  We do accept above checks.  Shipment will ship out once the check clear into our account.  Just print out the order and mail the order along with the check to our address at the bottom of the web page.

9.  Do you have a catalog?

     We do not have "Virtual" catalog.  Only on line catalog. However we do not have all items on our website.  If you need specific items or styles, just e mail to us and we will see if we are able to accomodate you.

10.  Do you offer gift certificates?

      Yes.  You can purchase the gift certificate at our home page.  It is the perfect gift give to someone  to do  their own purchases.   

11.  Do you do sewing if we mail you the vest and the patches we have from another source?

      Yes.  Official uniform patch will be at $1.00 each patch and un-official (fun patches) will be at $1.50 per patch

12.    What is the shipping charge for troop order sewing and individual sewing?

       $10.00 flat rate shipping charge for troop order sewing and individual sewing will be at standard shipping rate. 

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